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About Us

We want our clients to breathe easy about their stability and security of their network.

Allcom Inc. was founded in year 2000 on the principles of integrity. It has always been, and always will be, our goal to advance our clients’ business via properly applied technology and technology services. If what we do does not help our clients, then what is the value? There must be value for our client before we consider that there is value for Allcom.

When we started our company, it was our goal to establish a philosophy of being a company that our clients could trust and depend on. Not only to show up and perform the work, but to show up with the best solutions and with our clients’ best interest at heart. At Allcom we know that this philosophy will always serve us well. This philosophy drives our decisions from employee selection, product selection, solutions offering, and vendor partnerships. We want our clients to know with confidence that their technology needs are being looked after at the highest level possible.

If what we have to offer is not the best solution, then we refer the business to them that best fits their needs.

We strive for long term relationships with our clients. We have no interest in an in-and-out quick sell for short term profits. When we start working with a business, we first make a point to understand their business. We form a partnership with our clients and have a strong desire to move their business forward via technology solutions.

In our business we also understand the importance of keeping our team sharp. In order to maximize our effectiveness with our clients, we keep ourselves up-to-date on technology and technology trends. We further enhance our knowledge and abilities by maintaining a test lab to exercise and test various technology solutions. Before performing a complex system upgrade for our clients, we test the process thoroughly in our lab prior to arriving on site.

To learn more about our company and our team, contact us for a free consultation.